ZEGA Evo accessory holder with Touratech Waterproof additional bag size S

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Product Description

Our new accessory holders have been developed specifically for the ZEGA Evo aluminium panniers. Innovative solutions and detail improvements figure significantly in the new series.

Accessory holder: holder with Touratech Waterproof additional bag size S

ZEGA Evo accessory holders attach to the pannier in seconds using the standard attachment points of the ZEGA Evo aluminium pannier. Securing the pannier lock automatically secures the accessory holder. The equipment can remain in the holder.
Now there's nothing to prevent you from increasing your luggage space thanks to the Touratech ZEGA Evo accessory holders. Interchangeable as required, you'll always have the right equipment with you.

- including additional bag 2 litres
- without ZEGA pannier

Additional Information

Part number 01-050-3407-0
Color black
Material Stainless steel
Function Luggage
Case variants ZEGA Evo
Shipping weight (kg) 0.888