When do I need a Touratech suspension system?

... and how do I benefit from a Touratech suspension system?

Unique features of Touratech Suspension shock absorbers:

Shock absorber types

For every purpose the right shock absorber:

Level 1 | Explore
Level 2 | Explore HP
High End | Expedition

Here you will find the right suspension for your bike:

  • BMW

  • Honda

  • Husqvarna

  • Kawasaki

  • KTM

  • Suzuki

  • Triumph

  • Yamaha

Touratech Suspension - ACE Suspension System

ACE = Actively Controlled Electronic Suspension

The Touratech Suspension ACE suspension system lets you conveniently and effectively adjust your motorcycle to any riding situation while sitting on the bike.

Via the remote control, you ensure the bike has the correct balance for the respective load and adjust the suspension according to your personal requirements.

As a result, the motorbike can be quickly and easily adjusted for all kinds of loading and riding conditions. While sitting on the bike, the rider can adjust the suspension in fine increments to find the most desirable setup.

The Touratech Suspension ACE system offers the motorcyclist a high degree of active ride safety and touring comfort.

To use the Touratech ACE system it is not necessary for an ESA system to be fitted to the motorcycle. The suspension system operates independently and only needs to be connected to the bike's on-board power supply.

For the ACE suspension system, we developed an autonomous system that uses its own sensors.
A patented DDA high-performance solenoid valve is built into the shock absorber. It supplies complex data that enables the ACE sensors in the control unit to respond effectively to changing riding conditions.
The ACE suspension system actively ensures that your preset spring preload and damping levels are always optimally maintained within fractions of a second as you ride.

BMW R1200 GS EXPLORE-SET (front & rear)

Item no.: 01-044-5842-0

BMW R1200 GS EXPLORE-SET (front & rear)

lowering approx. -50 mm Item no.: 01-044-5838-0

BMW R1200 GS Adventure EXPLORE-SET (front & rear)

Item no.: 01-044-5843-0

BMW R1200 GS EXPEDITION-SET (front & rear)

Item no.: 01-044-5844-0

BMW R1200 GS Adventure EXPEDITION-SET (front & rear)

Item no. 01-044-5845-0

Touratech Suspension - Plug & Travel

This premium suspension system is systematically designed for long-distance touring with lots of luggage, on any type of road surface – and even off-road.The Plug & Travel suspension system is manufactured using the same precision components and parts that have been tried-and-tested in our shock absorbers over thousands of miles of touring, under the most intense conditions.Our semi-active Plug & Travel suspension system does not isolate your motorcycle from the ground. You always have perfect feedback from the suspension plus our specially tested Touratech setup for your BMW R 1200 GS.Touratech Suspension Plug & Travel shock absorbers simply replace the BMW DDC shocks.The existing plug connectors and switches on the handlebar are retained and used as usual.The Touratech Plug & Travel suspension system becomes an integral part of your motorcycle via the original BMW control unit.All riding modes and configurations are accessed in the usual way and appear on the BMW cockpit display.

This Touratech suspension system adapts itself to the adventurer inside you – so all you have to do is ride!

Touratech Suspension Set DDA / Plug & Travel

for BMW R 1200 GS, 2013 onwards

Item no.: 01-045-5885-0

Touratech Suspension *front* shock absorbers DDA / Plug & Travel

for BMW R 1200 GS, 2013 onwards

Item no.: 01-045-5883-0

Touratech Suspension *rear* shock absorbers DDA / Plug & Travel

for BMW R 1200 GS, 2013 onwards

Item no.: 01-045-5884-0

Lowering kit only as SET -50mm: Touratech Suspension lowering kit SET -50mm DDA / Plug & Travel

for BMW R 1200 GS, 2013 onwards

Item no.: 01-045-5886-0

The EXTREME suspension system for your BMW R 1200 GS without the DDC system

The Extreme suspension system for the BMW R 1200 GS, 2013 onwards. The name says it all. This suspension system for the BMW R 1200 GS enhances stability and comfort for greater safety and riding enjoyment even over thousands of miles of the harshest off-road terrain. A suspension system that is uncompromisingly tuned for hard touring use.

The required settings are made by hand, and the motorcycle is balanced according to the load. The hydraulic position-dependent damping system (PDS) ensures that the spring elements will not bottom out even with heavy luggage in the most extreme off-road conditions.

Touratech Suspension Extreme *front*

for BMW R1200 GS

, 2013 onwards

Item no.: 01-045-5876-0

Touratech Suspension Extreme *rear*

für BMW R1200 GS

, 2013 onwards

Item no.: 01-045-5870-0

Are you planning to fit this Extreme suspension system to your BMW R 1200 GS with DDC? It can be done.

To avoid Dynamic Damping Control (DDC) error messages on the display after switching to a Touratech Suspension Extreme suspension system, Touratech has developed a disable plug (045-5879) for the BMW. This ensures that the riding modes ASC, ABS and DTC continue to operate perfectly.

Touratech Suspension steering damper – stabilisation factor

The Touratech Suspension *CSC* steering damper effectively optimises ride stability – whether for off-road and touring use carrying a heavy load or while chasing curves. Trials and experience have shown that the linear Touratech Suspension *CSC* (Constant Safety Control) steering damper with its permanent assistive effect adds a whole new dimension to riding.

Fitting the *CSC* steering damper makes your bike's ride and handling significantly more stable, less tiring, and safer. Always supplied complete with appropriate mounting kit for the motorcycle type.

What the Touratech Suspension *CSC* steering damper does:

  • No more hard steering when cornering slowly with a heavy load
  • Minimised disturbances transmitted to the handlebar by the rider
  • For example: wind flow over motorcycle clothing and turbulence caused by a truck or van in front
  • Minimised instability caused by ruts on motorways, main roads and dirt tracks
  • Small front wheel with knobbly tires is noticeably more stable when riding off-road or on sand
  • Less fatigue on long journeys thanks to consistently greater ride stability

Currently available for the following motorcycle models:

Touratech Suspension steering damper
*CSC* for BMW R1200GS until 2012/R1200GS Adventure until 2013 with mounting kit
Item no.: 01-044-5858-0

Touratech Suspension steering damper
*CSC* for BMW R1200GS *2013* with mounting kit
Item no.: 01-045-5830-0

Touratech Suspension steering damper
*CSC* for BMW R1200GS, 2014 onwards with mounting kit
Item no.: 01-045-5831-0

Touratech Suspension steering damper
*CSC* for BMW R1200GS Adventure, 2014 onwards with mounting kit Item no.: 01-045-5832-0

Additional features:

  • CNC-milled from high-grade 7075 aircraft aluminium
  • Optimal response characteristics for maximum safety
  • Elegant Touratech design and 75 mm stroke
  • Individual damping adjustment through 24 clicks
  • Road legal

Touratech Suspension fork springs

The optimum for your motorcycle forks

For Touratech Suspension fork springs, we work with Hyperpro – the best possible partner. Our adventure touring fork springs are designed to combine perfectly with our Touratech Suspension shock absorbers. They give you a sensitive response and high reserves under load and/or during trips with off-road sections.

Each fork spring set is specially adapted and manufactured by Hyperpro according to our specifications for the respective motorcycle model. Touratech Suspension fork springs are "infinitely progressive" along their full length.

For you, this means:

Each of our fork spring sets is supplied with the appropriate detailed fitting instructions for the respective motorcycle type.

We recommend having the fork springs fitted at a specialist workshop or Touratech Suspension service centre.

Touratech Suspension Replacement springs by Hyperpro

Suspension optimisation with „Touratech setup“ for your standard suspension system

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to improve the standard suspension system on your new motorbike? Our adventure touring replacement springs are specially designed to optimise the respective standard suspension system. Here too, we work with Hyperpro – the best possible partner.

Each of our replacement spring sets is supplied with the appropriate detailed fitting instructions for the respective motorcycle type. We recommend having the replacement springs fitted at a specialist workshop or Touratech Suspension service centre.

Lowering kit with the best possible suspension characteristics

Adapted for each respective motorcycle model

Suspension Workshop

Tuning the damping

With the special Touratech setup for a rider's weight including luggage of up to 100 kg, Touratech Suspension shock absorbers are ideally adjusted out-of-the-box for 90% of road surface conditions and uses. The only important thing is to remember to adjust the spring preload (balance/sag) as the load increases. This ensures your headlight isn't pointing at the treetops. Adjusting the damping is a matter of fine-tuning.

Adventure touring with pillion passenger and luggage

To keep the bike balanced despite the extra load, the preload on the shock absorber spring has to be increased to restore the ratio between positive and negative spring travel. The damping should be set somewhat harder to stop the bike bouncing around.

  • Spring preload (see fig. 1) : increase slightly at the front (if possible), increase more at the rear.
  • Compression (see fig. 2) : somewhat harder at the front and rear until comfortable for you (high speed / low speed).
  • Rebound (see fig. 3) : somewhat harder at the front, somewhat harder at the rear. Careful – not too much, so the shock absorber still develops enough grip.

To adjust the height of the bike, measure the distance between the rear axle and a reference point on the bike. This distance should be measured with no load on the suspension (4), under the bike's own weight (5), and with a typical load (6), e.g. solo rider, rider with luggage, two people without luggage. For measurements 5 and 6 respectively, 10% and 30% of the total spring travel should be used.



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